Static desktop art

Dimensions: 24"W X 21"H X 15"D (610mm X 533mm X 381mm)

This piece is to pay homage to my dad who passed away in 2008. He left when I was at a very young age, not even a year old and I got to see him maybe 3 or 4 times before the age of 13. I started to visit him on a steady basis at the age of 18 until his departure to heaven. In the 22 years of relationship I had with him, he had plenty of time to teach me a few things about construction, woodworking, the time of his youth and mostly, his wisdom. I wish he would still be here and see my Elizabeth born in 2010. It took me nearly 40 years to put the puzzle together and to realize that for a long time I had only one side of the story, I was missing the other side of the coin. This piece is static (none kinetic). Also, it can be retitled to your liking: Father & daughter, Mother & son or Mother and daughter.

© 2019 by Frank Mayer Studios

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