Static wall mount art

Dimensions: 72"W X 72"H X 13"D (1829mm X 1829mm X 330mm)

This piece is the very first I did and is the one that started this whole adventure. It's also a  demonstration of the possibility to do commission work. If you look at the pictures, from top to bottom, it reads: Élizabeth born at 11:31 Pm on July 31 2010 (the moon in the dial next to the clock represents pm). One day I was looking for a project to do and I was thinking of doing a small wooden clock in honour of my daughter Élizabeth to fill a big wall along the stairs going to the basement. At the time it was supposed to be something cute and very small say 20 inches wide X around 30 inches high. At the same time, I was getting interested in the Steampunk movement.  As I was designing the project on Inventor (3D program) it grew and grew and grew some more to the point where it became humongous. Some parts are machined from MDF wood, others from melamine and other parts are repurposed unused objects around the house like old propane fittings and a dated ceiling fan. After many months of designing, CNC machining, assembling and painting, the whole thing was ready to put on the wall. It weighs approximately 250 pounds and a bunch of 3-½ inch long lag screws holds it in place to the wall studs.The Élizabeth wall sculpture is static, meaning the gears do not rotate but almost all of the other designs I did and will do are kinetic, meaning there is something moving.

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