Kinetic wall mount art

Dimensions: 96"W X 60"H X 18"D (2438mm X 1524mm X 457mm)

The Steam-A-tron is the second project I did, following a comment from someone on facebook regarding the Elizabeth mural. That someone said "it would be nice if those gears could actually rotate" That's when I said "OH yeah, watch this !" After hundreds of hours of 3D design, proof of concept, CNC  machining, painting and assembling, I came up with this close to 250 pounds gigantic kinetic wall art. This one as a giant cylinder and a huge water mist generator along with the usual giant gears and my custom built plumbing. This is a prototype and the final production unit will be slightly different. I have a few ideas that will make it better and give it some more subtle oomf.

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